Here at Frank's, we are always trying something new. You, too, can share in our recipes and some of the items that we demo in our stores. Here is a summary of some of the recipes that we have used:

2018 Coupon Book Recipes

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Fall Fest 2017

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Fall Fest 2017 recipes

Coupon Book Recipes 2017

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Frank's Thanksgiving Open House 2016

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Fall Coupon Recipes 2016

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Stephanie's Winter Crock Pot Coupon Recipes

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Fall Crock Pot Recipes 2015

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Lenten Fish Recipes 2015

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Stephanie's Winter Crock Pot Recipes (January 2015)

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Stephanie's Fall Crock Pot Recipes 2014

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Seafood Recipes 2014

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Lenten Specials 2014

Our "how to" details and recipes are listed below:

Cod Loins




Black Tip Shark


January 2014 Coupon Book Recipes

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Holiday Open House Recipes 2013

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Stephanie's Crock Pot Meals (Fall 2013)

At Frank's, we are always trying to bring you new ideas to help make your busy life a little easier. Our crock pot meals have been very popular and the recipes for our Fall crock pots (Oct - Dec 2013) are now listed here --> Crock Pot Recipes Fall 2013.

Al Capone Roast

Here's a signature dish from Frank's Piggly Wiggly that's sure to be a hit at your next gathering -- whether it's family or friends. It's so easy when you start with this specially-prepared roast available at any of Frank's locations.

Bake at 350 for 1/2 hr per pound to internal temp of 145. Serve with Stephanie's Parmesan Potatoes:

Select good-sized baking potatoes that are similiar in size. Peel and cut lengthwise, moisten with water, then shake in a paper bag with equal parts of Kraft parmesan cheese and all-purpose flour. Shake till evenly coated and bake flat sides down on a well buttered cookie sheet (in same oven as the Al Capone Roast) till golden brown.

Make gravy from the roast's drippings and serve with the potatoes. Yum.


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